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Revive Winter Hair With Tea Tree

This is by far my favorite product to use throughout the winter. It has natural tea tree oil, peppermint and lavender to invigorate the scalp and leaves your hair smelling great.

Paul Mitchell makes different types of shampoos and conditioners involving Tea Tree: Tea Tree Special, Lemon Sage Thickening, and Lavender Mint Moisturizing.

There are different styling products in the Tea Tree line, one of my favorites is the Hair and Scalp Treatment. It's perfect for a scalp that won't stop itching!

When I use it, I shampoo my hair first with a tea tree shampoo (I have all 3 in my shower, so whatever I'm feeling that day is what I use!). After I rinse the shampoo out, i use the scalp treatment next (massage it into your scalp), and leave it sit on my scalp until the end of my shower and follow with conditioner.

Depending on how dry your scalp is, I'd recommend using it around once a week.

Remember, ALL Paul Mitchell products are ONLY guaranteed when purchased from a professional salon.

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